01/24/06 - man-eating lions

In today's excerpt - William Goldman researches man-eating lions for the script to his movie 'The Ghost and the Darkness':

"A few basic facts you should know about man-eating lions:

1. They are always old. Because they cannot hunt their rightful food (wildebeest, etc.), they are forced to go after something that all lions are repelled by, us. Our smell tends to disgust them. To kill and eat humans is something only a close-to-decrepit lion would be forced to do.

2. They are always alone. Because they have been forced out by their pride. They can't keep up, so out with them.

3. They return to the scene of their last kill. Again, perfectly logical. If they are lucky enough to get a snack at, say, Seventy-seventh and Madison, why not go right back there again, and as soon as possible."


William Goldman


Which Lie Did I Tell?: More Adventures in the Screen Trade


Vintage Books


Copyright 2000 by William Goldman


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